Wine Crate Shelves DIY

This is actually a DIY from a while ago, but I have gotten SO many compliments on it I thought I'd post a how-to in case you'd like to try it at home!

Back before I started living solo, I had three of the absolute best roommates a girl could ask for. We shared shoe sizes, we shared clothing sizes, and perhaps most importantly, we shared a similar interior design aesthetic. Trust me, this is imperative when 4 girls are trying to decorate an apartment together.  After we graduated college, we moved to a new big girl apartment, and launched an initiative I like to call, "Pottery barn chic on a student loan budget."  We wanted to look like grown ups living some sort of utopian "Friend's" lifestyle, but we absolutely did not have the money to fund it.  So what did we do? We DIY-ed.  A lot.  Well, specifically my roommate Becca DIY-ed a lot because she is by far the most artistic.

This particular DIY was born after I saw some similar shelves on an interior design website.  I brought the idea to Becca and, of course, she knew exactly how to make it happen.

How-To Wine Crate Shelves

1) Contact a local wine shop to ask for any spare crates they may have lying around.  Apparently only really expensive wines are still shipped in crates, so there were only a few available (good thing we didn’t want franzia crates anyway).  BONUS: the crates are essentially trash to the wine shop, so they're free!

2) Clean the crates and then stained them with a light wood stain, let them dry overnight

4) Decide on a layout for your crates.  You really only get one chance with the wall, so be sure you know how you'd like them arranged before you move on to the next step.

5) Mount them on the wall using a power drill and wall anchors.  Since we didn't own a drill, we rented from home depot. Voila! Enjoy accessorizing your new shelves! 
Total cost: <$30
Total apartment impact: $9,834,209

*In addition to wine crate shelves, Becca has many other design talents.  If you'd like to see her work, you can check out her website here

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