Alice's Trout

About a month ago, I discovered something.....that changed my life.  It's called nike training club, and if you have an iPhone, an iTouch, or even an iPad you absolutely MUST DOWNLOAD IT!!!!! No I'm serious, download it right now! It's free, it's awesome, and I am currently soooo obsessed with it it's not even funny. It's a work out app that has 85 ahhmazing custom workouts that play over your music on your ipod. 
It's like having a personal trainer in your ear.  
This app has revolutionized my life.  
I know I say that about a lot of things....but this time it really has.
SO because this app is SO AWESOME and I've forced my roommates to download it, my entire apartment now has a mild obsession with working out. If you were to knock on our door around 8pm on any given night, you would likely hear only dubstep pumping through the apartment and the occasional expletive of frustration that our arms can no longer lift a water glass much less a 10 pound dumbbell. We have a strange love/hate relationship with the silvery little voice that says "1 minute of crazy ivans" to torture us, and then follows with "2 minute recovery." In short, our apartment is looking smokin' hot.

Last night, was one of these nights.  We endured a brutal work out session in which I may or may not have cried, and after decided to have a classic (and well deserved) roomie night.  Alice made trout as our (healthy!) main course, and I was absolutely blown away by how simple, beautiful, and delicious her recipe turned out to be.  This is one of those fantastic dishes to have in your repertoire of accidental gourmet. You can easily throw it together at the last minute and look insanely impressive.

If, after trying this recipe, you're totally obsessed with Alice (as you should be) you can check out her blog over at Songs Alice Likes!

Alice's Trout
3 trout filets
Canola oil
2 lemons
Sprigs of Oregano
Salt and Pepper

1) Preheat a broiler. Line the bottom of a broiler pan with tinfoil, and lightly coat with oil.
2) Lay trout filets (skin side down) on the tinfoil, and season lightly with salt and pepper
3) Slice one lemon into thin rounds, gently make 3 cuts into the tops of the trout filets, and insert the edge of the lemon so it is partially in the fish.
4) dress the top of the fish with oregano sprigs 
5) Broil for about 5 minutes or until fish is done.
6) Serve with lemons and oregano still on the fish, and wedge the last lemon to squeeze over the top

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