Cauliflower Steaks with Olive Relish and Tomato Sauce

I don't know if you read the January issue of Bon Appetite, but it. was. amazing.  It wasn't just overflowing with fantastic recipes and gorgeous pictures (per usual), but a solid 90% of those recipes were insanely healthy.  At first I was completely overwhelmed with the decision of what to make first, and then I saw this recipe. I was sold. Granted, using a caramelized cauliflower steak in place of a regular steak isn't exactly a fair trade, but when you think of it in the context of "yummy food" rather than "meat substitute"it is absolutely delicious.

I'll be honest this recipe is a bit of work since you're making a total of three dishes.  I don't know if it was the beer I was drinking while cooking, or my inability to concentrate on the conversation at hand as well as read the recipe, but there was a moment I thought to myself, "There is absolutely NO way you can blog this, you're going nuts!!" But then................

.....then I tried it.  Each of the components by themselves may seem a bit boring, but together they are aaaahhhhhmazing.  This dish perfectly harmonizes the sweet and savory of the relish with the light creaminess of the tomato sauce, and then completely surprises you with texture contrast between the raw and caramelized cauliflower. You absolutely MUST try it.  

Bonus, it's heavy on the veggies, light on the calories, AND it's another great use for your  Immersion Blender!


Party of One

You know what the hardest thing about being 24 is? Cooking for yourself.  I'm not saying this because I don't know how to cook, or because the only thing I CAN make is peanut butter and jelly.  I'm saying this, because cooking for one............sucks.  Have you ever seen a recipe for single serving soup? Lasagna? Coq au vin? Have you ever walked into a grocery store and bought just one tablespoon of chives? Nope. Eating for one is inevitably the art of lean cuisine meals, or the power to distinguish exactly when the leftovers from that giant pot of chili you made need to be thrown out.  But of course, then you have to feel guilty about wasting food.

Don't be guilty! You shouldn't feel ashamed for wanting to eat well with only one or two people!!!

Free yourself from your disgusting microwave meal chains!!!


Don't worry, we can make it through together. The key to being able to eat for one, is knowing how to modify recipes and craft your pantry.  Keeping a perfect pantry is an art.  I'm sure you've seen people who have a billion condiments and nothing to eat, and I'm sure you've seen people who seem to always whip something up from stuff they just have lying around.  The latter isn't necessarily a better cook, they just have a better pantry.  Here are a few things you should always have on hand:


Superbowl Snacks

24 years ago, a gift was bestowed upon this earth.  That gift...was me.

Just kidding!

Well actually I'm not, it really was my birthday this week....thiiiiis is awkward now.

IN OTHER NEWS, it was also my anniversary with my awesome boyfriend.
Now as I'm sure you can imagine, all of this excessive celebration has consisted primarily of extremes of delicious gluttony, followed shortly by HOLY BEJEEZUS I'M DOING THIS IN 2 MONTHS I CAN ONLY EAT CEREAL AND PROTEIN POWDER.

I could show you how to make a bomb protein shake (heads up: it's boring. "Insert powder, insert milk, shake until smooth.") But instead, I thought I would give you some ideas for my next extreme eating event: The Superbowl.

Living in Boston and what not, you'd probably guess that 99.99999% of my friends (as well as myself) are all Patriots fans.  Living in an apartment full of ex sorority girls (but are you REALLY ever an EX sorority girl??), you'd likely guess that we would be planning a superbowl party, and that said party would not only have the most delicious snacks on the planet, but also the most adorable.

You would be right.

Lame superbowl parties are for newbs.  We are not newbs.  I was BORN on a superbowl duuuuude I know what's up!!!

So without further ado, here are some of the recipes I am most excited to try this coming Sunday!