Tomato, Garlic, and White Wine Steamed Mussels

Good morning everyone!

In anticipation of what I'm sure will be a FANTASTIC FOURTH OF JULYYYYY I present you with yet another speciality a la Pat's dad.  If you missed my post yesterday, suffice to say he's awesome.  

This dish is great for three primary reasons: 
       1) Mussels are tasty 
       2) Serving steamed seafood is ooooh so chic and New England-ey
       3) It's actually preferable that you make this a few glasses of wine deep

Now I'm off to an island somewhere to set off fire works and do other things that might qualify me for a Darwin award

America! America! La la la America!!!!! SEE YA LATER!!!


Summer Pasta Salad

Pat's dad is one of those people with a truly remarkable skill to just "whip things up."  At dinner time, the whole family hangs out in the kitchen chatting, while he chops, saut├ęs, and generally does cooking things you're not really aware of until...VOILA dinner is ready.  He's never hurried, never stressed, and never checking things excessively.  Based on his attitude, you'd think he's making butter noodles or something equally mindless but oooooh no no no. Everything he makes....is....AWESOME.  He swears it's nothing impressive because it's so simple, but the thing is, it's impressive precisely because it's simple.  

Last time we visited, he made this pasta salad and I fell completely in love with it.  The light lemon vinaigrette really allows the other ingredients to speak for themselves, while giving the salad a brightness that is perfect for hot summer evenings.  I only hope I can look as nonchalant tossing it together!