Superbowl Snacks

24 years ago, a gift was bestowed upon this earth.  That gift...was me.

Just kidding!

Well actually I'm not, it really was my birthday this week....thiiiiis is awkward now.

IN OTHER NEWS, it was also my anniversary with my awesome boyfriend.
Now as I'm sure you can imagine, all of this excessive celebration has consisted primarily of extremes of delicious gluttony, followed shortly by HOLY BEJEEZUS I'M DOING THIS IN 2 MONTHS I CAN ONLY EAT CEREAL AND PROTEIN POWDER.

I could show you how to make a bomb protein shake (heads up: it's boring. "Insert powder, insert milk, shake until smooth.") But instead, I thought I would give you some ideas for my next extreme eating event: The Superbowl.

Living in Boston and what not, you'd probably guess that 99.99999% of my friends (as well as myself) are all Patriots fans.  Living in an apartment full of ex sorority girls (but are you REALLY ever an EX sorority girl??), you'd likely guess that we would be planning a superbowl party, and that said party would not only have the most delicious snacks on the planet, but also the most adorable.

You would be right.

Lame superbowl parties are for newbs.  We are not newbs.  I was BORN on a superbowl duuuuude I know what's up!!!

So without further ado, here are some of the recipes I am most excited to try this coming Sunday!

#1: Buffalo Wings
Superbowl. Staple. For the amazing recipe I'm planning on trying click here

#2: Cheddar and Guinness Dip
This should look familiar if you follow me on Pinterest.  I've literally been drooling over this dip for a week now, and the superbowl seems like a perfect time to combine beer and cheese into one dish.

#3: Deviled eggs
I know it's not crazy traditional, but isn't this presentation just so cute?  Easy recipe here

#4: Potato Skins
Once I ate an entire plate of potato skins from Fridays by myself. True story. Get this recipe here

#5: Brownie Burgers
After all that we miiiiight just be in the mood for something sweet, and these are too cute to pass up.  Get instructions here.
Image from here

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