Lemoncello Martini

This semester, my Tuesdays are incredibly busy.  I have a full day at work followed by 5 hours of class, and then (if I haven't collapsed from exhaustion) I head to the gym for an hour or so.  This means I am going going going for 14+ hours straight through.  After all that, to be frank, I need a drink.
For me, post-work martinis have always conjured an image of a 1950's husband coming home, collapsing on the sofa, and demanding a dirty martini pronto from his doting wife.  I can completely understand this husband's desire to unwind, but as I'm not really in the business of demanding, I needed a drink recipe that was sufficiently powerful, easy, and delicious.
Enter the lemoncello martini.  While still powerful enough to take the edge off your day, this martini is also slightly sweet, and the citrus is sure to perk you up.  I know it looks girly, but men fear not! if you don't rim the glass with sugar, the martini's color is light enough that it isn't instantly obvious as a girl drink.  But then again, if you want to just own it, sugar up!  Real men wear pink, real men drink lemoncello martinis.

Lemoncello Martini
3 parts lemoncello
3 parts skyy vodka

1) Fill a small shaker with ice
2) Measure vodka and add to shaker

3) Measure lemoncello and add to shaker
4) To rim glasses in sugar, moisten the rim of a martini glass with water, then turn cup upside down, and gently place damp edge onto a plate covered in sugar.

5) Gently shake the shaker to mix, and pout into martini glass

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