Eating Lobstah

 About two weeks ago I needed a vacation and I needed it BADLY.  I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, trying to memorize herbal formulas in between science experiments, when

The feeling hit me in the face.  

I couldn't focus, I couldn't remember a thing, and no matter how much coffee I drank, it was not helping the situation. 

I g-chatted my boyfriend Pat to say something along the lines of, "If I don't go on vacation soon I'm going to die!" (I'm not melodramatic at all) Thankfully, he agreed.  Within an hour of my vacation crisis we had a weekend picked, a hotel booked, and the semblance of a plan to go to Portland, Maine.

Portland was the ideal spot for an impromptu vacation.  It's only about a two hour drive from Boston, but feels completely different.  We wandered through local artisan shops, visited breweries, and found the best lobster roll place on the planet called The Lobster Shack at Two Lights.  The lobster roll was amazing, but the truly impressive thing was the location.  The restaurant is perched just above a beach with (you guessed it) a lighthouse on either side.  We ate outside on red picnic tables, the most picturesque waves crashing up onto rocks all around us, and nothing but the lobster shack and the ocean in sight. As we were standing in line to order, I commented on how the view could convince me to move to Maine.  The woman in line in front of us turned around to tell us she said the same thing 20 years ago, moved to Maine, and never looked back.  THAT'S how beautiful this place is.  It changes people's lives.
Om nom nom
So beautiful

Seriously SO beautiful!!

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