Juicing (the non-steroid way)

I have this friend (and I think we all have this friend) who's a glowing skin, fitness guru, healthy eating expert, looks just as good in sweatpants as a dress, "oh my hair looks good? I haven't brushed it," effortlessly amazing kind of person.  She happens to make up 1/6th of the couple trifecta that was my Martha's Vineyard vacation recently, and while chilling in bikinis we (inevitably) got to chatting about health and fitness.  About this time last year I was a gym rat, but as the fates would have it I've gotten much more busy and have barely so much as set foot in a gym since September.  The hardest part about this isn't my declining muscle mass (and trust me, it is deeeclining), but that my energy level is much lower and (bizarrely) my complexion is much duller.  When I told her this, her instant reaction was, "oh you MUST try juicing!"

Uhhhh, like steroids? I'm not sure that's a good...
No, no, JUICING.  Actual juice!

I only had to listen to her expound on the benefits of a juice cleanse and then occasional juicing for about ten minutes and I was sold.  If consuming only juice for just three days really could give me more energy, clearer skin, improved immune function, and many many other benefits I was on board with trying!  Now here I am three days later, armed with a brand new juicer, a fridge PACKED with leafy green veggies, and bootleg recipes to the famed blueprint renovation cleanse.  

Let the juicing begin!!

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