Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!!!

After a wonderful and *sorely* needed vacation, I'm back in action and looking forward to an amazing 2012!  I'm not one to make resolutions, but unfortunately I AM one to blindly throw myself head first into situations where I am quite likely over my head but, like the little Boston terrier in me (BU!!!), absolutely refuse to let go of said decision until it has been thoroughly destroyed like a pair of new Louboutins accidentally left on the floor.

Did I lose you?

What I MEAN by that excessively run on sentence, is that in a fit of psychosis optimism, last November I registered for a tough mudder with my boyfriend.  Don't know what a tough mudder is?

For me, I wouldn't say being healthy is exactly a new years resolution, so much as it is a pure necessity for me not to die and make a fool of myself.  
The bad: I absolutely must follow through
The good: I absolutely must follow through.

SO, what this means for you, my lovely, beautiful, talented, readers, is that if YOUR resolution was to get in better shape or be healthier, I will be there with you 100% and my recipes are about to take a turn for the bacon-less (sorry!) yet still deeeeeeeelicious (I promise!).

So cheers to a healthy new year, let's have a beer and some lasagna to say goodbye to our previously gluttonous ways because, as usual, our diet (and workout plan!) starts tomorrow.  Just kidding it starts today. OR DOES IT?? No really it does.  The tough mudder looks hard.

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