Nacho Nirvana

Are you drooling just ever so slightly?  It's ok, you don't have to feel bad, this is a judgement free blog! Well this beautious pile of cheese, chile, and corn chip-y goodness is from a little place my boyfriend and I like to frequent approximately once a day week called Sunset Cantina (916 Com Ave or 130 Brighten Ave).
I worked at a Mexican restaurant in high school, and to say I'm a nacho snob because of that would be a severe understatement.  I knowwwww Vermont mexican food probably is not the BEST mexican food, but I. know. nachos.  I know when they're getting just a touch too hot, and when they're just a touch too cold. I know the exact ratio of cheese to chip that is ideal for your tasting pleasure.  I know when there are not enough toppings, and when there are too many (yes that is such a thing.) In short, I know their soul.
I've travelled all around this great city in search of the perfect nachos to fiesta in my mouth and you know what?  These are about as close to nirvana as we mere mortals can reach.  Eat them.

Just in case the nachos alone aren't enough to get you there, they also have 100 beers on tap and 400 in bottles.

Yes you read that correctly. FIVE HUNDRED BEERS

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