Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving is a tricky business.  You want to get something fun, you want to get something useful, and most of all you want to get something that won't break the bank.  Well I'm here to help!! Here are my favorite gifts, all under $50, for whatever food enthusiasts you may have on your list:

#5) Measuring Hedgies $36.00

You could tell me these aren't the absolute cutest measuring cups you've ever seen....but you would be lying.
Buy them here
#4) Colorful Mixing Bowls $29.95

I have an earlier version of this set and they are perfect.  Every single one is a useful size, they're so colorful they do double duty as kitchen decorations, and (best of all) they're dishwasher safe!
Buy them here

#3) Vinturi Wine Aerator $29.96

It has the magical power to make three buck chuck taste like a ten buck chuck, and ten buck chuck taste like fifteen. And it's pretty.
Buy it here

#2) Knife Sharpener $35.99

If you don't have one of these suckers you do not know what you're missing!  I've said it once I'll say it again, the value of a sharp knife cannot be over estimated.  Many people think the steel that typically accompanies a knife set can sharpen the knives, but this unfortunately is not true.  The steel is there to straighten the blade.  This little guy right here will actually sharpen it.  
Buy it here

#1) Easy to Clean Garlic Press $39.95

I cannot possibly say enough good things about this garlic press.  It is 100%, hands down, hitting the ball out of the park, the absolute BEST garlic press on the entire planet.  Not only does it do it's job perfectly, but it is insanely easy to clean!  The whole gizmo flips open if you invert the handles, which leaves the grate the garlic presses through essentially just a flat surface you can brush all the excess garlic chunks off of.  Was that confusing? Probably.  Just trust me...this is a work of genius.
Buy it here

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