Breathe. Take a walk. Get a coffee.

In my short professional career I’ve worked at exactly one place.  I started as an intern way back in 2009, and I haven’t budged from my lab bench since.  I love my boss, I’ve created incredible friendships with some of my coworkers, and I’ve become a published scientist.  In short, I love my job.  This is why it’s so bittersweet for me to leave.  A few weeks ago a friend offered me a job at a new company that could not be a more perfect fit.  I am SO excited to start there this February, but it breaks my heart to leave this lab behind.

Beyond all of this, was the realization that I have exactly three and a half weeks to wrap up three and a half years of work.  I have people to train, notebooks to index, boxes to catalog, people to meet with, and a to-do list that seems infinitely long.  Who knew quitting was so stressful??  When I feel overwhelmed, the only thing that saves my sanity is a mantra I’ve adopted from my mentor at the lab:

“Breathe. Take a walk.  Get a coffee.”

Sometimes the best way to finish a to-do list is to forget about it for a few minutes and get a coffee. Do absolutely nothing while you wait for the drink to cool, completely relax, and come back to work a few minutes later more focused.

Thank you, coffee, for existing.  I love you, I love you, I love you.

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