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I talk a fair amount about juicing.  As a matter of fact, I can't shut up about juicing. It's not my fault!  When something changes how my body feels so drastically in just 6 days what am I supposed to do?  NOT tell anyone about it?  Not run around (literally) singing it's praises? You're telling me life ISN'T a musical?  I think my bathroom mirror and hairbrush pretty firmly disagree with you on that last one.

My point is, since I began rambling day and night about the benefits of juicing, I've gotten a fair amount of questions.  Most of the questions are the same, so I've put together the complete juicing plan that I used, followed by answers to the most common questions I've received! 

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Juice Plan
-Try to eat healthy for a few days before you begin juicing.  If you celebrate the night before your juice cleanse with a big 'ole steak you will regret it come day 1!
-I made all of my juices the night before, and then carried them with me all day in a lunch box.  They should be good for up to 6 days after you make them, but I would still recommend making them fresh daily.
-I drank my juices roughly two hours apart, but if this doesn't work for you you can drink them at whatever time interval you prefer.  The only thing that does matter is the order in which you drink them.
-Do your very very best not to drink anything caffeinated.  You are welcome to have as much water and (decaf) herbal tea as you like!
-Your poop may turn red from the beets.  Be prepared for this.  It's kind of terrifying for a minute.
-I feel like this goes without saying when you're not eating solid food, but try not to drink alcohol during the cleanse.  It won't be fun.

Juices and order (click for recipe):
2) P.A.M.
5) C.A.B.

Grocery List:
Per Day 
10 ribs of celery
1 cucumber
7 green apples
6 kale leaves
2.5 oz lemon juice
3-4 lemons
2 handful parsley
6 romaine leaves
2 big handfuls of spinach
1/2 pineapple
2 beets
3 large carrots
1.5 tbsp ginger root
5 oz raw cashews
Mint ( a few pinches)
Cayenne pepper
2 tbsp agave
1 tsp ground cinnamon
Vanilla extract

Finishing your cleanse:
Don't reach straight for that Ben and Jerry's!  You want to slowly re-introduce whole foods in a way your body can handle without freaking out.

Day 1 post cleanse: Eat whole fruits and veggies
Day 2 post cleanse: Fruits and veggies and also light starches and whole grains
Day 3 post cleanse: Bring back lean proteins
After: You can eat whatever you want, but be gentle with dairy and alcohol.  They're both pretty hard on your digestive system so don't go too crazy right off the bat.

1) What Juicer do you have?
     -I have the Breville JE98XL;and I cannot say enough about it. I love love love my juicer!
2) Were you hungry?
     -Nope! The first day is a bit of an adjustment because you don't chew anything, but I was never hungry.
3) How much does it cost?
     -For ingredients (about 90% of which I purchased organic) I spent a little under $20 per day
4) Doesn't this make you poop like crazy?
     -There's no tip-toeing around this one.  For me?  No.  I was...eh hem....normal for the duration of the cleanse.  However, this may happen to you, and it is also completely normal.
5) How long did you juice for?
     -I consumed nothing but juice for 6 days.  Please talk to your doctor before undergoing any sort of drastic diet or exercise change!  I am by no means a doctor, and I am 100% not qualified to tell you what to do!
6) Can you exercise while juicing?
     -Absolutely! It's likely you'll have tons of energy while juicing and there is no reason not to utilize it!

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