Green Mountain Girls Farm

Just a hop skip and a jump down the street from my parent’s house, is one of my absolute favorite places in Vermont – The Green Mountain Girls Farm. 

The “girls” are Mari and Laura.  In previous lives they worked in conservation and non profits, but since 2007 they have been running the most picturesque farm of all time. 

From the red farmhouse inn on the hill, to the colorful hand painted signs demarcating organic herbs, the whole farm seems as though it sprang to life out of a city girl’s country day dreams. 

Everything is organic and sustainably grown, and if you’re lucky, Mari will take you to visit the pigs wherever they may be snorting around that day.  

“Humane” doesn’t do justice to describe the way the girls raise their meat. As we walked down the hill, all of the pigs came running over to the fence to say hi and Mari introduced me to them one by one and by name.  It’s unusual for farmer’s to name animals that are destined for food because it forces them to become more attached, but it’s exemplary of how the entire farm is run.

The pigs are loved. The chickens aren’t just “free range” they’re “free to go wherever they want and fly around and do happy little chicken things in an area that’s probably bigger than your backyard.” 

Everything at the girls farm is done with care, and you can tell when you taste their food.  

The farm stand is routinely stocked with meats, goats milk, and a huge supply of seasonal produce, so be sure to stop by next time you’re in the area.

923 Loop Road
Northfield, Vt

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